Website Audits

I recently started offering 15 minute video audits of pages and websites via Twitter.

Below is the video review for Morgan from Charleston Crafted/Paint Color Project – and her feedback!

Morgan Paint Color Project

My site was heavily impacted by a Google update, and I was very unsure about what to do about it and how to move forward strategically. Anton reviewed my pages that were most effected as well as my homepage.

He provided incredibly specific and actionable feedback with both big picture and detailed things that I could change to improve my page for Google Search and my readers’ user experience.

I was able to take his feedback and create a content update plan for myself to get to work to get this site back on track. I am incredibly thankful for Anton and his time and thoughtful critique. It’s always scary to put yourself out there, and he was able to provide constructive feedback without making me feel bad at all.