Getting Started With Rank & Rent – Update 1

I published a video on my YouTube channel discussing my shift from a niche site side hustle to a rank and rent/local SEO side hustle! Note: – you don’t need to sit down to watch the video, as it’s primarily audio with some screen sharing. So you’re good to go! The first part covers my …

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What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

bookkeeper at work

A bookkeeper plays a crucial role in the financial machinery of a business, providing the meticulous attention to detail that keeps a company’s financial health in check. They are responsible for maintaining accurate records of financial transactions, a fundamental task that sustains a business’s orderly operation. Through the collection, organization, and storage of financial records, …

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Bookkeepers Launch Review: Is It Legit?

charts and spreadsheets

How would you like to flex your numbers skills as a side hustle or even as a full-time job! Well, it’s time to check out the bookkeeper courses available if you want to embark on training as a bookkeeper. What’s our recommendation? There are many different courses on the market, but in this review we …

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Virtual Bookkeeping Training – Top Online Courses (2024)


The field of bookkeeping has embraced the digital revolution, offering education and skill-building through various online courses. For those looking to enter the profession or expand their expertise, virtual bookkeeping training provides a flexible, comprehensive path to mastering the essentials of financial record keeping. Online platforms offer an array of bookkeeping courses tailored to different …

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Website Case Study – The Gardening Fix

The Gardening Fix Website Case Study

Note: this post contains affiliate links. I’m going to share my case study on a website that was completely unaffected by the Helpful Content Update and, indeed, all the updates that followed! Not only that, but it has enjoyed non-stop growth since March this year! What inspired me to write this case study? It came …

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What If You Only Did ONE Thing?

less is more

I used to be a big fan of a guy called Sam Ovens. He’s the kind of guy where when you google him, the second or third autosuggest is “Sam Ovens scam”. This means the guy is either really good at what he does, or he really is a scam. And thankfully, due to the …

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How To Ensure Your Outsourced Content Is Original?

check mark

Here are the simple steps I take to ensure (insomuch as possible) that the content I shell out a fairly serious amount of dollars for is original, non-AI and non-spun! Step 1: Hire trustworthy folks While the next two steps are likely standard for many, I feel this first step has to be overlooked or …

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