What If You Only Did ONE Thing?

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I used to be a big fan of a guy called Sam Ovens. He’s the kind of guy where when you google him, the second or third autosuggest is “Sam Ovens scam”. This means the guy is either really good at what he does, or he really is a scam. And thankfully, due to the …

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How To Ensure Your Outsourced Content Is Original?

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Here are the simple steps I take to ensure (insomuch as possible) that the content I shell out a fairly serious amount of dollars for is original, non-AI and non-spun! Step 1: Hire trustworthy folks While the next two steps are likely standard for many, I feel this first step has to be overlooked or …

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Welcome to Niche Ranger!

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Thanks for being here! And Happy New Year! On this site I’m going to be sharing updates from my adventures building niche sites and making passive income online – that thing you are most likely working on too. I’ve sold a site for multiple six figures – that’s that nice little milestone achieved. Next up …

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