Build a BIG Niche Site! (Too Big To Fail)

Here’s your new goal for your digital publishing business, no matter how big or small:

Become too big to fail.

This is my goal.

But what do I mean?

Well, I mean what I say – build ONE BIG SITE. Go all in and make all the investments you know you need to make. This is a business, and a really amazing one at that, as we know.

But here’s what I mean about being “too big to fail”…

Back when the global financial crash happened around 2008-9, I recall hearing a lot that the banks had to be bailed out because they were “too big to fail”. I heard that many times!

In other words, they were too big and too important to society and the economy to be allowed to fail.

I like to think that building a niche site with significant traffic is similar. You just replace “the economy” with *search engines!

*99% of the time, I would have said “Google” above, but Bing seems to be having a comeback! It’ll be fun to see how long that lasts πŸ™‚

So the goal is to build a BIG, important site that provides a lot of value to your site visitors, to Google, and the internet as a whole.

Doing this means you’re going to have a lot of success. It means you’re going to hit a lot of your goals, dreams, and objectives.

Think about it:

-A big site (which I’d define as getting at least 100k visits/month, or $5-10k month in revenue) can take a traffic hit and still be doing really well. Maybe you were making $7k before, and you lose 25% of your traffic for some reason.

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If you’re doing everything right and it still happens, well sit tight. You’re still making over 5 grand a month, most likely pretty passively!

-A big site is important to Google. Google NEEDS our content. Imagine if all websites stopped publishing content tomorrow, and many took their sites offline, or blocked Googlebot. What would happen to Google?!

You can only imagine.

-A big site gives you leverage. You can build it even bigger. You can optimize it like crazy, and / or develop new revenue streams.

You can sell it, or at least get it valued. You can always have taking the sale proceeds and reinvesting as a strategy you know you can keep in your back pocket.

So go big. That is what I am doing with my main site, which is approaching the 30k visits/month mark, one year after starting it from scratch.

I have gone in on content velocity, where I’m publishing 200+ posts in a couple of months, and I can see it really works.

I have a call today with a web designer in Canada to talk about turning my nice but slightly cookie-cutter looking site into more of a brand.

Now, this is costing, but I’m investing for the future. I’m working backwards from a goal, which is to get this site to 500 posts before I start to work towards 1,000 posts over the coming months years. I can see it’s working and want this site to be a MASSIVE resource in my niche.

One that’s too big to fail.

Or if you prefer, too big to not succeed. I like that better πŸ™‚

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Before I go….

Got a question for me? I’d love to hear what you might be struggling with or need help understanding, when it comes to anything related to:

-Building a niche site (the logistics, operations side of it).

-Getting a site that’s stuck to start growing again!

-Content development and strategy

-Optimising your site (for both traffic and revenue)

-Monetisation strategies…


If you have a question or want feedback on something, just get in touch @nicheranger!