Getting Started With Rank & Rent – Update 1

I published a video on my YouTube channel discussing my shift from a niche site side hustle to a rank and rent/local SEO side hustle!

Note: – you don’t need to sit down to watch the video, as it’s primarily audio with some screen sharing. So you’re good to go!

The first part covers my thoughts on the mega Google updates and what they are trying to do.

The second part is all about getting started with rank and rent and local SEO and covers the main elements you need to consider when getting started!

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Want someone to tie it all together for you?

Speaking of key steps, my friend Jeremy over at Rank and Rent SEO was one of the two top channels on YouTube I learned from while starting with this model. Jeremy has his own portfolio of rank and rent sites and has recently launched an entire course outlining how to get started – and succeed – with rank and rent.

Jeremy is a friendly, humble guy, and his videos are quite entertaining and fun to watch (ask him about his “broken” radiator!).

You can check out Jeremy’s live public case study site and his rank and rent course. He charges what I feel is a very fair price for his detailed course (too low right now, but it will increase), which also includes lifetime access to his highly supportive rank and rent community (I was one of the first to join).

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Check out all the details of the course content via the link above.

In Jeremy’s community, you will get all your questions answered, and you will join a group of enterprising folks who are building rank and rent websites and businesses and having fun while doing it (like I am—can you tell?!).

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