My Review of The Affiliate Lab (2024)

Since 2017, The Affiliate Lab has been a hugely popular choice for a lot of people looking to build, grow and monetize a website.

It promises students the support required to develop a strong niche and monetize their earnings with top-class SEO training, accessible 24/7.

Is The Affiliate Lab legit?

But is The Affiliate Lab worth the hype? Is it legit and is it worth it? And what can it offer you? I’ll dig into it all in this comprehensive and detailed review.

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So let’s get started and see if this course is right for you!

What Exactly Is The Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab review

The Affiliate Lab is a course designed by Matt Diggity designed to help anyone to start or deepen their affiliate marketing journey. It provides all the information you’d need to rank, earn, and flip your affiliate websites.

The course presents a theoretical and practical take on each concept. You can use this to develop and enhance your affiliate websites and adapt to Google’s continuously changing algorithm.

The course also comes with regular updates (essential in the SEO industry!), and lifetime access. You won’t pay extra for new content and there are no upsells (at least at the time of writing this).

Who is Matt Diggity?

An electrical engineer by profession, Matt Diggity is an SEO specialist by nature. He quickly learned how to earn huge sums of money online by selling products for a commission.

On the way to success, he tried and tested several SEO techniques to rank websites high on Google searches. Matt has used these techniques to build an SEO empire from his base in Chiang Mai, the epicenter of the SEO world right now.

He is the CEO of LeadSpring and Diggity Marketing which provide SEO consultancy services to many clients globally.


Let’s delve deep into the mechanics of this affiliate marketing course.

Who Is Affiliate Lab for?

The Affiliate Lab is a power-packed course structured for seasoned affiliate marketers and newbies alike. No matter what level of proficiency a student has, being driven, dedicated, and consistent will be necessary for success.

The program is self-paced, so those who don’t do well with self-guided learning may struggle with this program. Connecting with others for support and accountability may be helpful.

Many students sign up as a way to transition out of another job, diversify their assets, or expand their current assets.

The goal for all students is to increase cash flow through commission sales, but in a way that is flexible and can accommodate their lifestyles better than their current income source.

The course is a winning solution for:

  • Beginner SEOs: Learn the proper on-site and off-site SEO techniques for developing the website.
  • Skilled SEOs: Tap into the pool of advanced knowledge and stay or become best in class by keeping up to date with trends and developments in the industry. Google Bard, anyone?!
  • Out of touch SEOs: Re-enter the SEO arena as a specialist – no better way.
  • SEOs focused on building networks: Become an expert and marketing thought leader by discussing and learning from your fellow SEO peers.
  • Hobbiysts: Get a taste of SEO and learn how to build a website you can monetise later or just keep as a hobby.

What courses does The Affiliate Lab offer?

I was amazed to see the bundle of courses offered in the Affiliate Lab. You not only get access to “The Affiliate Lab Core Training” but 12 other value-adding masterclasses. Matt Diggity teaches the theoretical aspects, while Jay Yap guides on the practical implications.

The courses are presented in a video format and comprise more than 45 hours of training.

You will also gain access to 6 plug-and-play templates and tools with which you can easily monitor your site’s effectiveness.

The Affiliate Lab also provides the checklists and SOPs that are crucial to develop the systems and processes needed to maximise your efficiency, save you time, and rank your site on Google.

Save $200 on The Affiliate Lab

And the value doesn’t end there. The Affiliate Lab also has an exclusive Facebook group members can join and benefit from.

Let’s dive into each element of the program in more detail.

Affiliate Lab – Core Training

Affiliate Lab - Core Training

This is the main training course offered by Affiliate Lab. You can use the system to learn how to implement keyword research, choose the perfect niche for your affiliate marketing, and build the website using best-in-class onsite and off-site SEO.

The Affiliate Lab Core Training is the foundation course. All bonus courses are an extended version of the core concepts discussed in this course.

You will be learning how to convert a site visitor into regular traffic and tricks to prevent your site from getting stuck – you’ll be learning about the famous “Kitchen Sink” and “Doing All the Things”.

The Beginner’s Lab

Affiliate Lab - Beginner's Lab

This guide is perfect if you’re starting your website from scratch. It covers all the basic details that a newcomer would like to know – the right domain name to choose, which hosting provider to register with, and how to build your first WordPress site.

This is all info you can find online, but the course packages it up for you in an easy to digest way, along with a very helpful community to boot.

This course covers the foundation to build a solid website that’s optimized for search and geared towards monetization.

Conversion Rate Optimization Class

Conversion Rate Optimization Class

This masterclass gives little tips and tricks to boost your affiliate sales instantly. From adding a few words to your website content to using psychological tricks to keep readers staying longer. This class gives you all the information to develop an engaging and result-generating website.

Featured Snippets Masterclass

Featured Snippets Masterclass

Want your page to rank in the number 1 spot? This masterclass will teach you all the steps needed to win over the featured snippet position from your competitors.

Authority Blueprint

Authority Blueprint

Authority Blueprint is a course designed to teach users how to convert a niche site into a trustful authority site. You will learn about the appropriate structure to build your site on, what to avoid, and the time management techniques essential for successful website owners.

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By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear strategy for gaining social proof in your niche.

Save $200 on The Affiliate Lab

Website Flipping Masterclass

Website Flipping Masterclass

One of the most popular courses on the site, Website Flipping teaches users how to attract the right buyers to their affiliate website. You can learn how to increase your website’s value along with the answer to the most thought-provoking question, “When is the right time to sell?”.

Outreach Masterclass

Outreach Masterclass

The Outreach Masterclass will give you the confidence to grow your site’s backlinks. The course teaches the exact methodologies to convince blog owners and influencers to link with you. This often daunting process is simplified and streamlined in the outreach master class.

Website Recovery Kit

Website Recovery Kit

Learn how to keep your site safe from penalties and protect them from Google’s newly released updates. Also, the Website Recovery Kit includes the “Kitchen Sink”- step-by-step procedures on how to recover your sites once they get stuck.

If you’ve been hit by a Google update or ever find yourself in that position, it’s good to know you can refer to this course and also check in with the community on how you are doing.

Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass

Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass

The course teaches you how to use automated emails to increase sales generated from affiliate offers. From what to include to what to avoid putting in your emails, this course covers it all.

Affiliate Portfolio Playbook

Affiliate Portfolio Playbook

This course teaches you how to scale your affiliate marketing business. Why stop at one when you can generate income with many more sites? The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook gives you the skills required and insights into how to build an effective team of writers, editors, and developers, and unleash their potential.

Optimize Your Health

Optimize Your Health class

If you thought Affiliate Lab expects you to work like a robot, I’ll stop you right there. Matt Diggity has developed a special course stressing the importance of a timely routine. Looking after your health, sleep, and physical routines are all included in this short course.

I found this to be quite unusual but a great idea, and Matt looks like he looks after himself too.

SEO Testing Crash Course

SEO Testing Crash Course

This course is designed to teach you how to track and adjust your metrics to improve your affiliate offers. You can increase your profits by knowing what to test to increase site traffic and optimize for revenue. It’s not always about more content and more traffic.

You have to test and optimize and I’ve seen that from personal experience too. What’s great is that Matt offers you a proven approach as he is an engineer and testing is his bread and butter.

Matt provides many free tracking methods for you to follow – you don’t need to spend a fortune here, or anything really!

Topical Authority Masterclass

Topical Authority Masterclass Koray GUBUR

Topical authority expert, Koray GUBUR leads this masterclass by emphasizing the importance of quality content. You can rank your website by developing its topical authority rather than relying on investing too much in backlinks.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Exclusive Facebook Group Affiliate Lab

The course has an active members-only Facebook group that can help you with your SEO problems. You can post your queries and get an instant response from experts that include a team of moderators which includes Matt Diggity himself.

How much does The Affiliate Lab cost?

All the masterclasses offered on The Affiliate Lab including the Exclusive Facebook Group have a total value of $17,538.

However, you can get instant access to this full-proof system at two installments of $597 or save $217 with a single payment of $997.

Or, if you want to get it for $797 right now (saving yourself $200!), you can get The Affiliate Lab now at $200 off via the button below:

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What is the refund policy?

Up until June 2023, The Affiliate Lab did not offer any refunds , so you had to make sure you were financially prepared when you decided to sign up. All sales were final and you did get lifetime access to this continuously monitored and updated course. 

I would not have blamed Matt and Jay for not offering refunds, as so many people buy courses and then decide not to even go through the material.

And some folks (although a minority) may try to resell the course material elsewhere while claiming a refund, which is clearly far from cool!

In June 2023, a refund option came available. However, in August, this option was removed due to people taking unfair advantage of the offer. There is no longer any refund available. But, as a member of the course, I can assure you it’s unlikely you’ll need or want one!

So what are you waiting for?

Click the button to claim your $200 saving on the Lab!

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Should I invest in The Affiliate Lab? Pros and Cons.

With so many courses offered in this space, you might be wondering whether investing your time and money into TAL (The Affiliate Lab) is a solid investment or not. As I said, I am a member of the course and it’s my no.1 recommendation.

That said, you might think I’m biased – especially as I am also an affiliate for the course – and so I have collected the following information to assist you in making your decision.

So here are some pros and cons that users most commonly mention:

Benefits of The Affiliate Lab

  • Great value for a massive bundle of courses.
  • No hidden fees or charges, the program is all-inclusive with straightforward pricing
  • You’re learning from the best in business. Matt Diggity has tested strategies that have built a multimillion-dollar business.
  • Your training comes with engaging instructive videos, not a wall of text.
  • Members get lifetime access to the helpful Facebook community/
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced SEO, the various courses provide value for all.
  • Students learn to build an SEO-optimized website from scratch, step-by-step.
  • The one-time price provides a lifetime of access and updates.

Limitations of Affiliate Lab

  • No refund policy.
  • No free trial or money-back guarantee.

Are there other companies offering Affiliate marketing courses?

The significant rise and interest in affiliate marketing have led to the creation of several affiliate marketing courses.

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Here are the top competitors for Affiliate Lab, in terms of pricing and training offered:

The Authority Site System (TASS)

The Authority Site System (TASS)

The Authority Site System from Gael Breton and Mark Webster of Authority Hacker fame is a training course designed to build your niche site into an authority site. It uses a real-life case study to provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply the core concepts outlined in the course.

Unlike The Affiliate Lab, it does require you to purchase some premium tools which is an additional cost.

However, the 192+ video lessons, 15 in-depth modules, an active community group, and regular program updates make it a suitable competitor to The Affiliate Lab.

That said, it is geared more towards beginners, while The Affiliate Lab is great for both beginners and more advanced practitioners.

The Authority Site System – unlike The Authority Lab – offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try the course for a whole month and request a refund if you are not happy with the purchase.

You can access “The Authority Site System” with a one-time payment of $497 or with 6 installments of $249.

Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates is a low-cost option for learning affiliate marketing. Like Affiliate Lab, it teaches how to build your specific niche and rank high on Google. The course describes the different traffic methods to utilize to monetize your affiliate sales.

It comes with two payment plans: the Standard plan costs $197 and the Super plan costs $297. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee similar to the Authority Site System.

However, I’ve found that the recommended tools for keyword research and building email lists add a significant cost ontop of purchasing the program.

The Affiliate Lab Review – what do members say?

Again, don’t take my word for it – check out what others are saying too.

First of all, the course has made niche selection easy (or at least easier), and users have had real success with the program. It trains newbies and experts on how to select a suitable niche and execute the right strategy to build towards growth.

Important side note: That doesn’t mean it’s easy – this course requires work! If you aren’t prepared to put the work in and stick with it for months and years (I say at least two years), then this is not the course for you. Affiliate marketing is so worth it, but success doesn’t come easy.

If it did, everyone would be doing it!

Reviews found on third-party websites have praised Affiliate Lab for the depth of knowledge it offers. Expert SEOs found the course helpful and commended the course’s ability to teach something beyond the basics that can be found for free on other platforms.

Quora Review

Here is a detailed review from a satisfied customer on Quora:

Reddit Review

Another review from a satisfied client on Reddit:

Are there any negative reviews for Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab has proven to be a successful investment for many. However, some users found the price high for beginners who are just entering the field.

However, users do realize that Affiliate Lab is a high-value-for-money course, and they will recover this investment once they start their affiliate website.

Here is a review I found on Reddit highlighting this issue:

If you’d like to hear more from Reddit users, review our post on what Redditors think of the Affiliate Lab.

Final Thoughts

With loads of unverified and untested SEO information available online, it is natural to get confused about what strategy to apply. The Affiliate Lab is a trustworthy, reliable authoritative course. The course teaches highly actionable affiliate strategies that can help you earn a substantial passive income.

The training sessions are filled with the right SEO techniques, niche selection advice, and guidance on how to build, scale your website(s).

Not only that, but Matt and his team of trainers will give you the info to help you decide on the right time to scale or flip your website (if you so choose). These abundant resources make The Affiliate Lab a worthwhile investment for your time and money.

There is just a LOT of info here, all packed into one course that is great value for money. Just solid info, without the fluff.

Save $200 on The Affiliate Lab

Related Questions

Is Affiliate Lab a good course for beginners?

Affiliate Lab is a great course for beginners. It teaches how to build a website from scratch using the appropriate on-site and off-site SEO techniques, along with teachings on how to perform technical SEO audits. You’ll learn the processes step-by-step, preventing the feeling of overwhelm.

The highly-active and engaging online community also adds a layer of support for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers alike. I’ve popped in to say hi and to offer help, and I know I can go there to ask questions or get feedback on any of my projects, anytime I need.

Do I need to finish the Affiliate Lab training in a specific time frame?

Affiliate Lab gives you lifetime access to a bundle of courses that you can finish at your own pace. The faster you move through the course, the more quickly you’ll see your comprehension and affiliate site knowledge grow.

And this means you should see your site grow faster too (your mileage may vary of course – remember you have to put in the work!).

Does Affiliate Lab help users to increase commissions from affiliate sales?

There is a bonus course in the Lab called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – it teaches the techniques required to increase and maximize your affiliate sales and ad revenue. You can apply these techniques to increase engagement on your website and compel visitors to stay until they convert via your chosen call to action (CTA).

And that’s a wrap! I hope this helped shine a light on this course. If you have any questions, post them in the comments below!

And be sure to take action if you feel this course is right for you and you are ready to go. Hit the button below to save $200 on the cost of this course, while the offer is still available.

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