I’m offering coaching on a limited basis.

I am taking everything I know about SEO, content marketing and niche sites and packaging it up into a niche site coaching offer.

What the offers looks like will depend on you and your goals – it will be customised to you.

We start with a “Discover call” to explore your current situation and where you want to get to.

This might be making your first $1K online, your first $3K month or your first $20 day.

You may want someone to hold you accountable or to act as a sounding board for your ideas – or to rein you in when your shiny object syndrome pops up!

You might be struggling with growing your site, or with SEO – this is a big one for people.

I grew the site I sold in 2021 to over 600K page views and five figures in monthly revenue.

I can definitely help you!

website sale - offer

I can help with content strategy, site planning, research, competitor analysis, Outreach / backlinks, and much more.

After our call, we can formulate a one month coaching package where you can email me with questions and we can have regular check-in calls.

To get started, the best way to contact me is by email (anton at Or, you can DM me on Twitter.

And we can take it from there!

*Please note this is not for complete beginners. You should already have a site that is getting traffic and be looking to scale.